Aliter №11 (2019)

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U. R. Kleinhempel. Traces of Buddhist Presence in Alexandria: Philo and the “Therapeutae”
Yu. V. Kraiko. New Age as a Challenge for Evangelism: The History of Catholic Theological Polemics with the “New Spirituality” in Official Publications of the Catholic Church for 1989–2015
A. Sterken. Gnostic Souls in an Alien Body: Motif h43 “One Creates the Body”, Another the Soul and its Cognitive Mechanisms in Gnostic Mythologies

R. Guénon. The Spiritist Fallacy / Tr. by A. Ignatiev (continuance). Chapters IV
E. L. Kuzmishin. Philippe de Lyon in his Contemporaries’ Biographic Narrative
Encausse Ph. The Master Philippe de Lyon. Thaumaturgist and “God’s Man”, His Miracles, His Healings, His Teachings / Tr. by E. Kuzmishin

D. Galtsin. Book review: Churton T. «Jerusalem! The Real Life of William Blake». London: Watkins, 2015
A. Zaytseva. Book review: O’Connell M. «The Close Encounters Man: How One Man Made the World Believe in UFOs». New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2017

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