Aliter №12 (2019)

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Andrey S. Dedov. Preface
J. Eugene Clay. Greetings to Conference Participants
Andrey G. Berman. The Social Context of the History of Early Khristovshchinа
Andrey N. Allenov. Sources from Personal Archives in the Study of the Worldview and Practice of the Fastings (Postniki)
Xenia Sergazina. Religious life of Muscovites in the Middle of the XVIII Century: the Story of Knyazhna Darya Khovanskaya
Andrey S. Dedov. Application of the Psychospiritual Emergency Model in the Psychological Interpretation of Mystical-Ecstatic Practices (Using the Examplesof Russian Sectarians)
Tatiana I. Khizhaya. The Phenomenon of the «Hidden»: the Eschatological Myth of the Russian Subbotniks (XIX — Early XX Centuries)
Tatiana K. Nikolskaya. Prophecies in the Pentecostal Communities of the Soviet Period: Opinions and Interpretations

The Record of the Interrogation of Darya Khovanskaya (1723 –up to 1751) [Protokol doprosa Dar’i Hovanskoj (1723 –do 1751)] / Publ. by Xenia Sergazina
Extract about KnyazhnaDarya Khovanskaya (1723 – up to 1751) [Ekstrakt o knyazhne Dar’e Hovanskoj (1723 –do 1751)] / Publ. by Xenia Sergazina

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