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The personal diary of Dr. John Dee (Russian translation by Yuri Rodichenkov)

Станислав Панин

The book «The personal diary of Dr. John Dee» deserves the closest attention of all those who work in the field of history and philosophy of science, history of ideas, cultural studies, as well as the history and theory of esotericism. The central material of the book is personal notes of the famous British mathematician, astrologer, alchemist and philosopher John Dee (1527–1609), in the field of whose scientific interests there was a wide range of different branches of knowledge. The text in Russian is published for the first time and has nothing to do with John Dee’s Enochian diaries, edited by M. Casaubon. In addition, the book includes fragments of the texts by various authors — J. Lysons, B. Stoker, W. Lilly, G. Heppel and others, as well as a lengthy article about John Dee, written by a translator of the diary and applications — Yu. F. Rodichenkov, PhD. It seems that the attention of a reader interested in this topic will also be attracted by a detailed chronology of the life of John Dee.

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