ESOTERION (Esotericism Studies Open access Texts search Engine, References and Index ONline) is a multifunctional bibliographic database. This unique updated online service, publications for which are selected, systematized, edited and automated with Zotero and Zotpress. The database consists of four sections, including thematic, chronological, geographical and biographical subsections, containing bibliographic records of publications (academic literature and sources), covering various aspects of the esotericism and mysticism studies. The functionality of our online service allows you to search, export and citing bibliographic records in RIS file format (supported by reference / citation manager applications such as EndNote, Mendeley, SciRef etc.), that can be used in your scientific research. Detailed search and data export are also available at ASEM Zotero group library.

Bibliography collected by Mikhail Shishkin

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A. Academic Publications B. Thematic Researches and Sources C. Reference Editions D. Fiction

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